Sunday, July 8, 2012

My daughters mother

Recently, I have been praying for our daughter. I don't know who she is or what her story will be, but my heart has been burdened for her. Furthermore, my daughters mother. Who is she, what is she like, what is her currently life situation? My heart has been moved for this mother.

Typically, with the Congo program if you are adopting an infant, like we are, they will come home around the age of 7 -10 months. That means if you add 7 months to 9 months of pregnancy that our daughters mother could be pregnant with her right now. Between now and when our daughter is born something will prevent my daughters mother from being a mother to her. My heart swells up as I think about the reasons. Will she pass, will she not financially be able to take care of the baby? What could bring a mother to give up her daughter for adoption.

As a mother my mind races with the emotions and the devastation this mother will go through at some point in her life to bring her to give up her daughter. The fear that she might feel of her child's future. I imagine her thinking "Who will care for my child? Will my child survive?" The fear that would run over my body to know I could not care for my child is overwhelming. I want that mother to know that I will love her and cherish her as if she was my own. She will be a part of a loving, caring family and we will bring her up to love and cherish her culture and her heritage.

I pray for both my daughter and her mother daily that God would give the mother peace and that He would protect mother and daughter. I will be eternally connected to my daughters mother. I hope and pray that some way some how I will be able to write my daughter's mother a letter of hope and encouragement of her. I also pray that by some miracle that my daughter would be able to have a letter or something from her mother that will reminder of her homeland and heritage.

I know that if Dale and I are fortunate enough to be able to travel to get our daughter that we will do everything we can to bring back trinkets and culturally important items home for our daughter. That when she reaches milestones in her life, like marriage, she can have something of her culture. To reminder her of her roots.

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