Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fundraiser Update

This past Friday night we had our first official adoption fundraiser. My amazing friend, Heather, sells Premier Design Jewelry, which is a faith based direct sales jewelry company. Heather committed that all the proceeds earned from two shows, mine and my mothers, would be donated to our adoption. Well, my show is officially closing in just a few days and we have meet our goal for our first show!!!! We have raised $1,500 towards our adoption!!!!

When Heather and I were talking about working together to raise money for Dale and my adoption I really started praying and seeking the Lord about how much we should set for our goal. For our first show I set a goal that I thought honestly might not be achievable, but knew that God could do it! It has been amazing to see how people have really rallied around Dale and I as we sell our heart out. The first day I took the jewelry catalog to work it was amazing how people kept asking when they were going to get to see the book. They were so excited to support us! God has certainly been our provider.

Thanks you all for your prayers and please pray as we move into our next two fundraisers, my mother's jewelry show and a garage sale in Aug. My mother's show is on Aug. 10th in Easter Wisconsin and our Garage Sale is on Aug. 17th, 18th, 19th. Between these two fundraisers we are hoping to raise another $3,000. Please pray that God will be at the center of our fundraisers and that his name will be glorified. I am confident that he will provide!!!

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